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$300k Ferrari run over by delivery truck backing up

Emily Christensen-Flowers / NBC News

A Ferrari is crushed by a truck on Oct. 30, 2013 in New York City.

By Emily Christensen-Flowers, NBC News

If you think you had a bad day at the office, check out the misfortune of one delivery truck driver who accidentally backed into a $300,000 Ferrari FF on Columbus Avenue in New York City on Oct. 30. The driver of the Baldor Foods, Inc. truck told bystanders he “didn’t see nothing” as he put the truck in reverse, crushing the hood of the extremely streamlined FF model. Fortunately, nobody appeared to be hurt physically. And, in case you were wondering who was behind the wheel of the Ferrari, it wasn’t the owner, but a paid driver. Hopefully both gentlemen can smooth things over with their bosses.

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