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Holiday calendar: Happy St. Lucy's Day, from space

Jeff Schmaltz / MODIS LRRT / NASA GSFC

The MODIS imager on NASA's Aqua satellite captured this true-color image of southern Sweden on Nov. 17.

It's not just Friday the 13th: This is also St. Lucy's Day, which is an important part of the holiday season in Sweden, Italy and other places. In honor of the occasion, we're highlighting a long-range view of southern Sweden, captured last month by NASA's Aqua satellite, as the day's featured image from the Cosmic Log Space Advent Calendar. Do you see that big island off to the east, in the Baltic Sea? That's Gotland Island, which was Dec. 9's calendar pin-up.

In Sweden and other Nordic countries, St. Lucy's Day is marked by candlelit processions, feasts and carols. In parts of Italy, Santa Lucia traditionally leaves goodies for well-behaved children and lumps of coal for the naughty ones on the night of Dec. 12-13.

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