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Ten dead after Turkish tugboat capsizes at shipyard

Emin Menguarslan / Anadolu Agenc / EPA

A picture made avaliable on December 24 shows a general view of Turkish navy boat after an accident in Izmir, Turkey. Ten people died when a Turkish navy tug boat capsized in near the port city of Izmir, news reports said. Another 17 people were injured when the boat capsized after being released from a navy shipyard where it had undergone repairs, the news agency Anadolu said. The cause of the tug boat to capsize was unknown. An investigation was under way.

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A Turkish navy tugboat capsized while docked for repairs at a shipyard on the Aegean coast on Monday, killing 10 people, the military said.

Eight of the dead were military personnel and two were civilian workers, local media said. Seventeen other military personnel were injured.

The tugboat, TCG Degirmendere, was being lowered into the sea after maintenance work at the Izmir shipyard when it suddenly listed to one side, taking on water, the military said in a statement.